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A Family Fitness Center with Lots to Offer

You are going to find workout opportunities at SRC that meet your needs, no matter what your focus is. Our brand new family fitness center will be a state-of-the-art facility that features a wide variety of fitness activities, including free weights, machines, and cardio, as well as fitness classes, professional personal trainers, and many other sessions for those 14 and over. If you are interested, you can register here.

Affordable Rates for All

With your fitness membership at SRC, you get access to the fitness area and group fitness classes, and you can access personal training for a small additional  fee. Our reasonable rates are:

Membership / Month
(These must be auto-deducted from debit or credit card.)
  • Single - $35/month
  • Family - $60/month
  • Single Senior - $30/month
  • Senior Family - $45/month
Membership / Annually
(Make a one-time upfront payment and get two months free.)
  • Single (18 yrs. and above) - $350/yr.
  • Family (2 Adults and Children 14-20 yrs. of age, living in the same household. Children under 14 to 15 years have to be accompanied by an adult) - $600/yr.
  • Single Senior (65 or older) - $300/yr.
  • Senior Family (2 adults over 65 yrs. living in the same dwelling) - $450/yr.